Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Paste Fishing

Paste Fishing

Paste fishing is a method that I used to do for years and I did get a little too carried away with it!  I hate to admit it, but Rolfs and Wickwater did spoil me, and I must of ruined some many pegs by fishing paste when it wasn’t right.... don’t get me wrong I had some success, but fishing paste in October wasn’t the best idea

There seems to be a stigma with paste fishing from some anglers, as I found anglers were criticising me and that “paste angler is a lazy pellet angler and has no skill”.  Believe me there is, 18 years later and 18 years wiser,  I know there is.  Like any method, feeding is important,  rigs are normally simple (don’t own any complex rigs, and I have loads in my box from river, canal etc), strong lines and bigger hooks.  Presentation is crucial, for me the wetter the better, especially when fishing paste short.  Must be cupped in and normally like it to “cock” the float, but I do have shot on my line to help with stability and seeing bites.  Rig wise, I like strong durable floats and I only use a Jon Walker floats, 0.2 gram and I shot it to the base of the float bristle and then the best takes the rest down.  This works well to 6 meters or less.  Anything longer becomes very difficult, so I use correctly “cocked” float and fish paste 2 inches over depth.

Secret dips and colours isn’t my thing.  I’ve got no secrets, the only thing i put with my paste where allowed is I add some Mircale Baits paste or Baittech paste to stiffen it up (they are very similar).  Looking forward to using the Marukyu paste, haven’t used it yet.  The Betaine green is a new product and apparently is very good.  So look forward using it.   

Don't take long to do a weight.  Never give up

Ivy House Lakes

In my recent  times, I’ve won my last two matches at Ivy House Lakes on it.  Ive had 111lb and 116lb, which had 51lb skimmers and 36lb skimmers all on £4 worth of bait.  I found feeding a bit of corn at 5 meters is good shout, and seems to hold better stamp of fish despite out using it on the hook.   Haven’t quite figured out the best long, as I am suffered with too many foul hooked carp, like a lot of anglers are suffering.... I will figure it out hopefully.
Dipping your paste into your micros is a good shout.


The best bit of advised i’d give you with paste fishing is to fish it your way.  You ask ten anglers how to fish paste and you get loads of difficult answers.   My paste record was pretty good, won a lot of matches at Wickwater, Rolfs and Ivy House, which included a 394lb in five hour match.   

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