Monday, 10 July 2017

Shropshire union canal

9lb 3oz
Section win.  (10 in section)
172 fished?

The venue has been untapped (not fished), so no one knew how it was going to fish.  Hoping for a few, especially foul hooking a roach before the match started...... never done that before!!

About 30 mintues before match started, we were warned from the boater there was going to be a party.  I was concerned this would have an impact?

The match

The first two hours were solid and everyone was catching.  But unfortunately the boat was rocking and it was noticeable that fish wouldn't settle.  We had a few food tunes though, happy birthday sung, and lots of food I could see......
I would of thought fish were used to it?!  But very frustrating as I watched my match slip away and Jason next to me was catching me up fast?  It was funny the noise didn't make much difference, but when people were on the boat, killed the swim.

 No end peg...... ain't lucky enough 😂.  

Gear used

Colmic Airon F66 pole
2 Vespe Solid elastic
4x 12 Colmic Senna Floats
24 B2000 hook.

Don't wanna give too much away, as we have the Div 1 on the 19th August.  I will give a full report if I do good or bad.