Saturday, 15 July 2017


Colmic Canal

Peg 19
116lb 9oz
1st place
16 fished

The joy of Colmic Canal, at Alvechurch Fishery is you don't mind here you draw.  Don't get me wrong, there are better areas, like any venue, but as venues go it is incredibly fair.  I've used a lot of venues in my time and the Colmic Canal is the fairest.

My attack is quite simple.  Pellets long, feeding fishery micro pellets, with a few 4mms and fish a big 6mm fishery pellet on the hook only.  Rig wise, big rigs, positive lines, bulk down.  0.5 gram rigs, bulk 4 inches away from hook.  0.18 and 0.16 Hook length to 18 Drennan Carp Match hook.

Then feed caster on one line down the edge, can only do one, as the allowance is only 3 pints.  Your hopefully need that.  I fish mega positive on this rig.  I fish 0.18 main line and 0.15 hook lengths.  The reason, is your fishing against reeds, no room for weak gear or brittle lines.  I use the Colmic blue 2.3mm hollow, need to be careful with the ide, otherwise your bump them, but the barbel, wow.  They pull a bit.  I fish 16 Colmic WN501 hook and a worms head.

The match was frustrating as the wind was hard to present the pellet long and only managed couple of quick carp, felt it was a little unproductive, as I felt I could catch Ide and Barbel quicker, so done that.  Fished 3 meters and caught Ide and Barbel one a chuck.  Really nice, to catch over 100lb of silvers and managed 6 carp long late.  Good day and lucky to win match by 3oz.

All weights below

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