Saturday, 8 July 2017

Ivy house lakes

Peg 11
73lb 10oz
1st place
17 fished 

Haven't been to Ivy House Lakes for ages, so decided to go there.  Was running late..... as always, so had the last peg in the coffee tin which was peg 11.  Great.  

Was told that the peg had a lot of form and i would win both.   However, Baggey said " they really struggled on Tuesday" and the little wind there was, it was blowing down the other end of the lake.... 

The match started really hard, and it was a struggle no bites for 40 mintues.  So decided to fish my worm.mix, which was a slow burner, and felt it wasn't working great,  BUT no one was catching.   So kept with it, but an eager eye on everyone else, just to see when these carp switch on