Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Mick Telling Memorial - Qualifier

38 Anglers fished Marlborough angling clubs Kennet and Avon canal. It's was at  Wootton Rivers, Farmers and Brismslade 

The top 7 qualified for the final on 7th August at Bourton on the Water.

Next qualifier is at Dads favourite lake, Wick Water, where a further 5 anglers go through to a 12 man final.

Top 7 on today's fishing match.

Dan Smith 28lb 5oz
2nd Martin Price 19lb 6oz 
3rd Ed Bryant 18lb 4oz 
4th Matt Herbert 17lb 15oz
5th Nathan Reeves 13lb 8oz 
6th Paul Giddings 12lb 11oz
7th John Williams 8lb 10oz

Prizes were won by 
Chris Rust

Gary Etheridge
Gary Donachie (he won your bottle back Tina Nanna Donachie)

For me I struggled, I had about 100 little fish, but spent loads of time trying to win the match on the choppie.  Lost section by 6oz and lost a proper unit!!! 

We have raised £852 so far for Cancer Reaserch.

Thanks to Marlborough Angling Club and Nigel Franks.  Then donated their peg fees.

Thanks to Glen Picton, Chris Rust and Cliff Dutton

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