Saturday, 25 June 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 32
2nd in section
3rd overall


Not overly enthusiastic about my draw, wind off my back, but I've got a bit of room, with peg 27 next peg.  However, no ripple down edge, therefore unlikely to catch.  The pole line at 14.5 meters in open water is around 7 foot deep, so I would will need to catch shallow and it would be my only hope to do well and back up was a pellet feeder and potentially catch on the bomb and pellet.

Unfortunately, things weren't great, it rained really hard and this was always going to have a knock on effect on my shallow line.   I started on the pellet feeder, it only produced tiny F1's and had been pinging pellets on pole line, so decided to start on deck, no bites and no liners.  Concerning.  But in all honestly no one in my section was catching and that is all that mattered, as section winners went through.

I had a good spell of catching F1's for about one hour on the "mong" or "tapping" this highly productive, but faded, and Stich was catching well on peg 23 Island pool, first peg in my section.  The middle part of the match saw me fail to put anything decent in the net, but I had a good last hour on the pole shallow at 17.5 meters.  But this wasn't enough.  2nd on the lake and third overall.  Steve Rich (Stich) won the match and section.  Well done.

Frank Donachie

Great day at Manor.  Caught a lot of F1's

Well done Stich.  Like your pole!!