Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ivy House Lakes

  • Peg 2
  • 89lb
  • 1st place
  • 15 fished
Looks like the Grass Carp have spawned and feeding. 

As always I wanted to win the silvers at Ivy House Lakes, maybe gone a little silver made and peg 2 isn't the best silver peg.  DONT get me wrong it can win and throw up 40lb plus of skimmers on its day.  However, there was loads of carp in my peg today and I couldn't get my skimmer line to take off, and even with a few tricks, I still couldn't catch and Des Shipp was baggin on skimmers on peg 10.

Decisions...... So I decided to start pinging pellets at 16 meters of my F44 Airon Pole.  I fished 0.1 Colmic Mike at 2 foot and long line (swinging- no jokes).  This was frustrating until two o clock and I started to catch a few.  Fished through the water was good to at full depth.

Des won the silvers easily, and came third.  Geoff was second overall, he caught carp short on peg 5 and I won it with 89lb. 
weights were tight
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