Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 8
52lb 6oz(all silvers)
Won silvers
3rd overall
14 fished.

Flat calm, bright sunshine and fish are thinking about spawning, this was always going to be a tough day.  I drew peg 8, which has been a good area, especially for skimmers.  So I fancied it for a few, despite the weather been stacked against me.

Some beautiful tench in Ivy House

These are target fish your after to build a weight of silvers
Still use the same method.  I tell no lies.

Gear used.

Colmic Airon F44 pole
Colmic Hollow 1.5mm elastic
0.3 Jon Walker Diamond
0.152 Colmic F1 Spider
0.10 Colmic Stream
20 WN501

Liam Dennick was todays winner
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