Saturday, 28 May 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 18
1st place
On silvers (47lb)
14 fished


The bream from Ivy House at stunning

Had good company today, Leon kept me entertained for the whole of the match, had some good laughs.  Almost got a Ghost carp about 7lb ish on the blog, but unfortunately it ended back in the lake.  Lucky enough it didn't cost him anything (framing), as I would of felt really bad.

The lake did fish hard today, like a lot of venues around the country, but as an whole I would say Ivy House Lakes Match Lake is a fair venue.  I really did enjoy it, which is the most important aspect of fishing.  

I started short, which resulted in a quick carp and bream, then lost a carp foul hooked.  But Leon caught a few long, so decided to follow him out on my worm paste mix and this proved to be a good move.  I had to wait for bites, so I will patiently wait up to ten minutes for a bite. I am confident that when I toss pot my mix on my float a fish will come my way...

I tried had to catch carp shallow, but this proved very difficult and only managed a couple.

I was lucky to win the silvers but the skin of my teeth and win the match overall.  So happy days

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