Sunday, 29 May 2016

Alders Farm fishery

Peg 4
101lb 13oz
Won section
6th overall
21 fished

I do love fishing Alders Farm , just wish it was closer to my home, otherwise I would be there all the time. 

Alders Farm has two match lakes, Ash Pool that we fished today and Pines Pool.  I prefer Pines and have had some success there, whereas Ash Pool I tend to struggle to get my head completely around it.

How I would fish Ash pool would be:

Line 1

Dead red maggots and groudbait down the edge.  Some very successful anglers fish slop and maggots or even paste.  So its your call.

Line 2

Pellets long or at five meters depending on room and peg.  I like fishing hard 4mm.

Line 3

Method feeder in shallow pegs or to island.

Oversize M top kits, they are great for bagging!!  Oversize M are stronger and stiffer.

Colmic Speci Plus landing net is truly awesome.  So strong and super stiff

Next Adventure 60's rod, a true through action.
A very close and fair match!!

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