Sunday, 22 May 2016


Peg 13 Canal
No good
3rd in ten peg section

What a beautiful venue, would love to fish this venue with some room it, some massive weights do come out.  Fair play, I try my hardest to go.there this summer, only issue it's 87 miles away!!

My match

The peg is beautiful looking and the reed bed is 5 foot deep!!! Which was going to a nightmare getting the fish out and locating fish.  Not worried about breaking my pole, as it's so tough, so rigged up 0.22 to 0.18!!!  Fish to win.

I ain't scared to blow out as long as I know I've give my peg a decent and realistic attack.  No point fishing Fish O Mania qualifiers if you only fish for your section, I appreciate that not all pegs are capable of winning, BUT you never know as Manor Farm Leisure throw up 300lb for me on peg 4 Windmill a few days ago, and only 60lb was highest weight prior to mine all week.

However, aggressive feeding does blow pegs as I found out today.   I was catching steady F1's, but felt I could have a chance, so rather than playing safe and trying to win a section, I'd sooner give it a go.... 60lb won section.

One Fish O Mania ticket left to get back into the final again.  Last ticket, won't apply next year.