Friday, 18 September 2015

Swindon go on Tour 2015 - whiteacres

Day 1
No good
Peg 19

We were told that Gwinear was fishing tough and didn't wanna drew in the deep water, so that's where I drew,  but my random pair partner was ryan Shipp, so very lucky there!  However, unlucky to be next to me in the deeps. 

Only managed to catch 3 small carp for 7lb, and Ryan had 7lb with 1 carp and a few bits.  Mick Lane caught well in last hour a 4 meters on maggots and some special green stuff, to win the match.  Have no idea what it was?!

See link for Gwinear Fishery below.

Day 2
Peg 5 Acorn
98lb 14oz
Won lake
5th overall
87 fished
Won Pairs with Reedy.

I had a nightmare start, hooked 5 carp in first 30 minutes and lost 3.  Just hook pulls, then the next hour saw me loose a carp on the method feeder in Derek line, the carp swam diagonally across the lake, a pulled hard on my Colmic 45 Adventure rod, it did surface but Derek though he had a bite and unfortunately stuck it off and then freaky are hooks were together, strange.  Derek is a lovely bloke and wouldn't do it on purpose.  I couldn't catch, so went for caster shallow at 7 meters, that had been primed from the beginning, and I caught a steady for a while, but had to catch carp.  So feed the margins heavily with 2 hours to go, and caught immediately.  However run out of 3 pints of maggots with an hour to go!  Nightmare, had to feed a pot of maggots to each fish, tried to fish it out.  Again another mistake.  Should of took 4 pints of maggots.  Cost me. 

Twin Oaks is very hard to beat!   See weights below...

Day 3
Peg 37
Won match
35 fished
Really tough match, caught all my fish on long pole and pellet on the gravel bar.
Come 5th overall with Random pair festival.
Won Pairs with Stich.

Day 4
Peg 40
Second overall
18 fished
Won Pairs with Phil Powell
This was going to be a fair match, and tight!!  Every fish was going to be so Important.
Neil Richards went off like a train, 6 carp to my 2 carp in the first 30 mintues.  Then it died.  I was lucky enough to have a the last hour fishing really long to island,  18.5 meters of Colmic F44 pole, wind was a nightmare with gale force wind.   (private match- not whiteacres rules).

Mick Lane won the match on peg 54 with 58lb to win the match.  A nice 50th birthday present.  Well done " Louis"

Day 5
Peg 2 Acorn
127th in draw queue.  When will have a low draw??
No good.
Magoo had 8lb, so we didn't win random pairs.  Neil legend Richards won it with Macker.  Neil Richards also came 4th overall with 77lb 15oz.

 Twin Oaks a very good lake in the higher number especially...

Mick Lane, birthday boy.  Happy 50th mate!!

Rather than throwing my toys out the pram and wheel spinning out of the car park, I opted to have a day's fishing.  I thought and hoped that Acorn would fish better than it did, and the pleasure angler would go home early to give me a long edge.  Unfortunately that didn't happen, pleasure angler left at 2.46, so potted in some maggots and groundbait, and fish were on it within 15 minutes.  I had three small carp in the last thirty minutes.   Never mind, but had 26lb of roach on caster shallow.  So had a days fishing.  

In reflection I should of maybe gone on twin oaks peg 23 was still left, but after Monday's match I was hoping for a better day, which didn't happen.

Day 6
Morgan Porth
Peg 13
6th overall
2nd in sectiom
15 fished
With Gwinear fishing so tough, the guys didn't wanna go back.  We were unable to get on Bolingey as we were in a private caravan, all of us disappointed, especially as Phil Tipton got there early Friday to ensure we got on....   However, without causing trouble, as I don't spread rumours or write rubbish, why should 4 locals get on week in and week out?  I can understand that if the match isn't full, then yeah fine, but 30 plus anglers on the reserve list by Sunday.  Sorry, but this is wrong, and I know a lot of anglers agree with me.  Bolingey is one of the best lakes I have never fished, and yet after spending £300 on the holiday, we can't book in until Wednesday, when it has 60+ names on!!!!  Our caravan spent best part of a grand, and we couldn't fish...
It was always going to be a tough match, especially with several matches already hosted this week, all you wanted was some room.  Ricky Mills was going to be always tough to beat, not only is he good, but with 12 empty pegs and the same for Vince Shipp, they were going to be almost impossible to beat.
Weights were really tight, lost 3 fish in lilly'ss this was my most productive, had to fish right in the them.  Pulling fish out of the lilly's was always going to suffer loses.
Phil Tipton won the match, on the first peg you come to had some decent fish down the edge.

Overall thoughts
As always had a brilliant time with the boys, really enjoyed myself, just what the doctor ordered.  Been a rough year and a lot better than when I was on the Milo Festival as I had to go home early due to my late dad.  Don't half miss you dad and yet I find myself still emotional at times still.