Saturday, 5 September 2015

Manor Farm Leisure - Middle Pool

Peg 6
105lb 10oz
3rd overall
9 fished

A reasonable draw on peg 6, felt that Frank Donachie on peg 12 would be tough to beat on end peg and also Phil Hardwick on peg 20 with the wind in his face.  Last weekend on middle I drew peg 9 which was a harder area, and I attacked it and fell flat on my face, so the therefore I would be a little less aggressive with feed.

I was going to base my attack around fishing the pole, fishing 14.5 meters of my Colmic Airon F44 pole.  I used Jon Walker pellet floats to a 0.152 Spider Line to 0.125 Stream hook length and Drennan Carp Match hook, size 18.   Everything is hard pellet, feeding hard pellets and feeding what I fish.  No oil pellets, just standard Coppins pellets from the bag.   

I had a few early fish, a couple of carp and then a few skimmers and then a tench.  The peg faded, so chucked the bomb, where I had been feeding 6mm pellets around 20 meters, which was a surprise resulted in nothing, so got off my box and set up a waggler, as I had to do something as I couldn't catch anything and the match was slipping away, with Phil, Steve, Frank and Terry catching well, so chucked my Colimc Proffesional 25 about 20 times, before catching an F1, good sign, shoal fish, nope anything 20 chucks with no bites, felt depressed.  The next two hours was mega tough, only caught small skimmers!!

The last 1 hour and 20 minutes was a lot better and this is where I was lucky enough to catch a few carp but hard a run of F1's to hopefully bring a section win?!  Nope, Frank Donachie had beat me by 4oz, Terry Winstone had won the match with 116lb.  All the weights are below, it was tight match.