Sunday, 1 September 2013

Turner 400

  • B19
  • Permanent peg 38 Clainfield
  • 3lb 1oz
  • 12th in section, 24 in a section
  • 24 teams fished
  • Team was 4th Overall

The point, on caravan bend......

Was hoping of another chance of winning Turner 400 again. This year I was fishing with
Paul Glenfield
Ian Didcote
Mark Malin

A strong team, was concerned, that I would be the weakest link, especially as I haven't fished a river this year! So had a little play yesterday to get dust off my kit, as it hadn't been touched since November.

I was disappointed with my draw, which is point of caravan bend. This peg is a iffy peg and can throw up big fish, but the river hasn't been fishing well for large fish and therefore you want a bits peg!

I was very concerned as the first 30 minutes of my fishing match saw me catch 1 tiny roach, a bleak, a dace and a perch. All for 5oz. Ian Shepard had 1lb plus above me, things were looking bad.  Went on the choppy, and caught some tiny perch, on tiny pieces of worms or red maggot. I kept trying, but was rewarded with nothing! The last 2.5 hours saw me catch a single perch and crayfish.  Unbelievable, that I only caught two tiny roach.

WB Clarke won the team event
Dave Kirk won the match with 16lb roach!!!
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