Sunday, 29 September 2013

Manor Farm Leisure - Island Pool

  • Peg 9
  • 29lb 12oz
  • No good
  • 32 fished

I drew peg 9 on Island, with a "no chuck rule" and every peg in by us it was always going to be hard.  I decided to fish the pole long and be negative, but I never had a bite in 1.5 hours!!  So I tried the waggler as they were fish up in the water, but the tow and wind made it difficult, and 3 of us fishing in more or less in the same spot not ideal.  So fished the bomb and caught 4 carp (12lb ghost carp), 2 small F1's, 2 method feeders and a baggin waggler!  Nightmare, but no stone throwing or arguments.

Open Match Results – Sunday 29th September – Island Pool

1ST                   PHIL HARDWICK               92-0-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 15
2ND                   MARK HEMMING                 67-0-0
Lodge Park Peg 17
3RD                   CURTIS TRANTOR               64-0-0
Grant Albut Peg 36
4TH                    NEIL MCKINNON              60-0-0
Preston Innovations Peg 19
5TH                   LESLEY SEABRIGHT            54-4-0
Cheltenham Peg 34
6TH                   DOUG LITTLEWOOD         54-0-0
Littleton Peg 5

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