Monday, 16 September 2013

Swindon go on tour 2013


Friday 13th

I believe the summer is officially over as the last week the temperature has dropped a lot and the rain is shocking today, and you could tell is was Friday 13th.

The plan was to drive early (4am) to get on match on Bolingey, however this sold out some we couldn’t get on, and Giwnear didn’t have a match, as there wasn’t anyone booked in.  So there wasn’t a match for us.  So we left at 9am, and pleasured fished Trelawnly pegs 16, 17 and 18.  I was peg 18, we had a fiver on for the biggest fish.   I had several carp, but my biggest was 9lb 7oz, Neil’s was 8lb and Phil’s was 12lb 3oz, so Phil gladly took my and Neil's fiver.


Saturday 14th

We were looking for a fishing match Saturday morning at 6.30am.  So Mark was on the internet looking at different venues?  Mawgan Porth, Gunners, anything else you know of??

So the 3 of us went to Mawgan Porth, fished pegs 42 (me) 42 Phil and Neil 44. 

I had 230lb 10oz

Phil 165lb 4oz

Neil 158lb 8oz

01637 860770



Sunday 15th

·         Gwinear

·         Peg 13

·         17lb 6oz (all silvers)

·         LAST

Top 3

1st Mick O’Brien 63lb 10oz (Peg 12)

2nd Smithy 63lb 6oz (Peg 6)

3rd Liam O’Brien 61lb (Peg 4)

Our Caravan

Phil Tipton 60lb Section Win

Neil Richards 39lb 2oz Section Win

Myself Last (lol)

Random pairs;

Skully – Mick O B

Liam – Dawg

Andy D – Jamie D (father and son)

Neil – Little Baz

Big Baz – Kieron

Martin – Fred

Myself – Reedy

Stich –Dawg

Phil – Mick Lane 100lb!!  Winners


Monday 16th

·         Gold Match

·         Twin Oaks /Acron / Trewlangy

·         Peg 33 Twin Oaks

·         39lb 12oz

·         No good


Our Caravan

Neil 61lb

Me 39lb

Phil went to Bolingey to pleasure fish.

Tuesday 17th

·         Ginwear

·         Peg 18

·         32lb

·         No good


Smithy – Big Dixie 110lb!! Winners

Martin – Reedy

Fred – Paul

Matty – Liam

Larry – Stich

Phil Powell – Alan

Richard –Jamie Dixey

Big Baz – Chris Davis

Neil Richards – Chris Telling

Little Baz – Mick Lane

Magoo – Mick 0 B

John Morgan with a Ghost Carp

Wednesday 18th


·         Peg 53

·         31lb 12oz

·         6th

·         18 fished

·         18 of us on one lake, it was going to be tight.


Top 3

1.       Jamie Dixie 68lb

2.       Martin Iles 35lb 8oz

3.       Chris Davies 35lb 5oz

Thursday 19th

Rover drew 139 in the draw bag..... didn’t go to my peg and went to Mawgan Porth

·         Peg 38

·         67lb

·         No good

·         8 fished

Neil Won with 94lb 12oz

Friday 20th
·         Peg 38
·         71lb
·         Won section by default
John Morgan won today 165lb.

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