Monday, 26 August 2013

Ridgeway Fishery

  • Peg 6 white
  • 336lb
  • 16 fished
  • 2nd
Frank won the GOLDEN peg!! Well done mate

Ridgeway fished reasonably well, as most people had 80lb plus.

After Frank Donachie's double header I am keen to get back to the venue and this was my first visit back and we had the luxury of a six hour match and I would love to see if I could break the 500lb barrier, which I honestly do believe is achievable, especially as the fish average from 6lb-8lb. The current match record is 446lb in six hours.
I have tried all kinds of grondbaits, as i'm not resricted in what I can use and I have found Bait Tech Karma groundbait for down the edge has been by far the best for me.  No gimmicks, just great bait, it is very simple to mix and if you do run out of groundbait because you caught more than expected, then you can simply mix up more and it can be used straight away without having any negative effects as a result (floating, drying out to quickly, etc).  I used Karma with dead red maggots.  Either fished worms or a bunch of maggots

Top 4

1st Frank Donachie 356lb 4oz
2nd Chris Telling 336lb 7oz
3rd Martin Iles 173lb
4th Jamie Dixie 127lb

The new stripper kits have helped me immensely to get fish out very quickly!!!  I honestly caught way over 200lb in 2 hours when the fish switched on, so you may have a limited time to get these fish out!!  As we all know, carp have a nasty habbit of feeding late in the match and therefore you may find yourself rushing to get this fish out to boost your match weight.  So anything that can help me to acheieve better results has to be a bonsus. 

Also the Colmic PK55 top kits are light and immensely strong with a large bore on the top kit, therefore think elastics like Vespe Bi Core 3.2mm can be used with confidence.  I used them with double 14 solid elastic at Rolfs lake, on peg 34, and this test your pole gear to the limited!  No breakages................ enough said!

These Colmic top kits are very good and do kit many poles, so maybe check them out!!  You won't be disappointed.  So could be worth investing some money into these great top kits for your pole. 

These Colmic PK55 top kits retail at £64.00.  There are 2.75 meters long.

for further details on puller kits then click on link below:

Thanks to Martin for running the match.
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