Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ridgeway Fishery - Double Header

1. Frank won it, with 5 points 799lb 14oz
2. Myself,  with 6 points 754lb 4oz
3. Vince Shipp, with 6 points 557lb 6oz

Well done to Frank for winning, a stunning performance.

Just part of my 385lb (PB weight 4 hours)

Match 1

Section winners

Frank 194lb
Mick Chilley 68lb 4oz
Alan Sculley 67lb 8oz
Chris Telling 127lb

Match 2

Section Winners

Frank 290lb 4oz
Sam Nobbs 265lb 6oz
Rupert 168 11oz
John Kiddle 204lb 4oz

Match 3

Section Winners

Alan Sculley 95lb 8oz
Vince Shipp 142lb 8oz
Chris Davis 107lb
Frank 89lb

Match 4

Section Winners

Chris Telling 385lb
Sam Nobbs 218lb 8oz
Vince Shipp 163lb 4oz
Jamie Dixey 183lb


Match weights were awesome


Big Frank caught well, really well!!


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