Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Manor Farm Leisure - Middle Pool

  • Peg 1
  • 179lb
  • 2nd Overall
  • Won section
  • 19 fished
I was disappointed with my draw to be honest, but was surprised how many F1's were there was.  I caught a lot of stock fish that were put in a while back,  I only had 6 carp, a tench, a dog roach, a small skimmer and a lot of F1's.

Some of the F1's in Manor Farm Leisure are HUGE, and don't take long to build a weight.  I've had them up to 5lb, but there are anglers that have had them much bigger!!!  There is a lot of 2lb to 3lbers

Map meat cutters truly are worth the investment. 
Groundbait and meat can work well down the edge, I like using Bait Tech's Karma with meat.
Lidi meat is good.

There are some stunning Ghost carp in all the lakes, but Boundary Pool does seem to have the most.

Open Match Results – Wednesday 14th August – Middle Pool

1ST                   DAVID HOWARD               188-8-0
Leigh Angling Peg 10
2ND                   CHRIS TELLING                    179-0-0
Colmic Peg 1
3RD                   JOHN DEVINE                      159-12-0
Leigh Angling Peg 7
4TH                   SCOTT SMITH                     113-12-0
Smithys Tackle Peg 5
5th                    NIGEL SEABRIGHT               104-12-0
Cheltenham Peg 26
6TH                   COLIN HALL                                  100-12-0
MFL Peg 8
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