Sunday, 16 June 2013

Super League Round 1 - Kennet and Avon Canal. Farmers, Brimslade and Wolfhall

  • A2
  • 2lb 11oz ( about 100 tiny roach)
  • 3 points out 7
  • Team come 2nd, I let them down.
  • 7 teams of 6.

Wolfhall does the look the part.......... if the canal had some colour it would of be amazing!
There were some good weights in last weeks open, and my team mate Paul Glenfield won it with 16lb.  Also couple of our lads were in the main frame as well.  I was surprised when I text message from the team captain asking me to fish round 1 of the superleague, especially as we have a good canal squad.

The Kennet and Avon canal at Marlbourgh was without any question my favourite venue of all time. I've been lucky enough to have some great days fishing over the years!!  If I go back 10 years ago, 10lb of roach was achievable off almost every peg around the Bedwyn area, I remember having 23lb of ALL roach, and having 16lb to 18lb's, and there weights weren't off end pegs or so called flyers. I don't wana live in the past, but I can't help myself thinking of the good old days.  The canal has changed and my love for it has also changed.  I haven't wrote this because of me having a bad day or bad run, but looking at the weights of the venue over the last couple of years they aren't like they used to be.  However, there is some great fishing to be had if you lucky enough to be on some fish, big perch and skimmers are to be had.

On the day I drew A2, and Matt Herbert got me all excited as he thought that I was where Mick Denton was last week!  Mick talked me though his match, then Matt and Mick realised that I was the other end of the section, the wrong end!

On arrival to my peg you could see a few bream swimming around, as Paz tells me that it's solid, one of the bream looked half dead as it had a lot fungus over it.  There were roach topping, but what was alarming is how clear it was and even with boats going through the colour wouldn't hold.  Also when we kitted up the fish had disappeared!

The match was very tough, I caught about 100 tiny roach and never saw a skimmer despite my all efforts. I am a little disappointed and I hope I will fall back in love with the canal!


John Williams took the section apart.
Matt Herbert won the match with 24lb of skimmers
Turners won the event, but there is another 5 rounds to go.

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