Sunday, 9 June 2013

Boundary Pool.

  • Peg 5
  • 37lb
  • No good
  • 5th overall, 2nd in 5 peg section
  • 9 people fished

Today's fishing match saw three of us in the bottom bay of Boundary Pool.  I was on peg 5 was in wind, and I did fancy it for a few fish, but would of sooner been on peg 42 or Peg 3.  My main attack was pole and pellets and Boundary pool can respond well to "tappiing" and feeding hard pellets, also I can fish on the deck too.

If it fishes hard then you can catch 30lb skimmers to mix in the quiet periods to boost your match weight, so I had a soft pellet rig made up with Pink Vespe E2 Bi Core.  As a back up, would feed feed 8mm's for bomb and pellet waggler line.  Finally feed groundbait and dead reds down the edge, hopefully for some big fish late.......

The match didn't go to plan and I found myself not putting anything in the net, until the last 40 mins, when I fished at 6 meters, which responded well, but "too little too late" and was way off Martin Ludlow who won easily on the baggin waggler.


Match Results – Sunday 10th June – Boundary Pool

1st MARTIN LUDLOW        119-12-0
 M F L Peg 35
2nd ROB McKENZIE             66-0-0
Gloucester A C Peg 39
3rd DUNCAN FIELD             53-4-0
Arthurs Angling Supplies Peg 9
4th NEIL McKINNON          41-0-0
Preston Peg 42