Saturday, 22 June 2013

Manor Farn Leisure - Windmill Pool

  • Peg 34
  • 60lb 8oz
  • 5th Overall and won section by default.
  • 13 anglers fished the match
I do like Windmill lake, as its very varied and the lake has a lot of character.  There's two islands, and depths vary from 5 foot to 12 foot.   I was hoping to draw pegs 6, 15, 24, 26.  However, don't get me wrong, the lake can and is won from many different pegs, but there pegs do have some form.

I drew peg 34 is another peg that I've never drawn and looked nice, island is 18 meters though, the edge looked clear on snags at 14 meters.  But after my second hooked fish down the edge it soon found an under water branch, which was an nightmare to break terminal tackle which was, double solid Vespe 14 elastic, to 0.225 Colmic X5000 and 0.185 Colmic Stream.

With the wind blowing up the other end again, was concerned the fish would follow it, but to be fair the weights were consistent around the lake, and again I felt my peg was worth more, there was lack of F1's in this part of the lake, but there was enough Carp in the peg to win the match.

I should of tapped at 18 meters to the Island and feed more down the edge, maybe even got the old Rolf's paste rigs out.!  It is surprising how many big fish are in the lake!

There are some large fish in Windmill Pool

Open Match Results – Saturday 22nd June – Windmill Lake

1ST                   JOHN WATSON                   91-12-0
Old Ghost Peg 29
2ND                   MR YI                                     77-0-0
Old Ghost Peg 15
3RD                   SNOWY ASHINGTON            76-0-0
KPC Peg 11
4TH                   PHIL HARDWICK               63-0-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg13
5TH                   CHRIS TELLING                    60-8-0
Colmic Peg 34

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