Saturday, 20 April 2013

Solhampton Fishery - Dragon and Buzzard

  • Peg 26 Dragon Fly
  • 50lb
  • no good
  • 24 fished

The Solhampton Kingfisher Qualifier was a sell out today, so 12 anglers were on Dragon and Buzzard. I was lucky enough to draw the "cluster bowl", but Carl Jones advised me that it hadn't be fishing well and also we had two anglers in each bowl, whereas normally there is only one, so this will make it a little tougher.

On arrival to my peg, there was little activity, but while kiting up, there were small groups of fish crushing around! This was much more positive, but i think there fish are thinking about spawning. 
My fishing match started reasonably well as i had few good fish down the edge on pellet, but after a couple of hours things slowed right up and the rest of the 4 hours of the match was difficult, caught a few fish late. So my 50lb was well off the pace as the lake was won with 89lb 11oz on peg 4 by S. Burrus and 78lb opposite him for second on the lake.

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