Sunday, 10 February 2013

Milton Keynes - Grand Union Canal

  • Peg 1 (end peg)
  • 3lb 8oz
  • 2nd in my 12 peg section
  • 30 anglers fished
  • 70 small fish (mainly little perch)

This is the first of our three practice opens on the Grand Union Canal at Milton Keynes prior to our Angling Trust Winter League Semi Final.  The canal has been fishing hard and shocked to only see 30 anglers fishing our match.  It is worrying to see what the future holds for Team Match Fishing?  Every year now I see a decline in the Semi Final matches.  I remember fishing here for Devizes and there was 17 teams fishing!! What has happened to the anglers? 

No big perch for me.  Gutted.  Needed a bonus fish.

I was lucky to draw an end peg, but would of sooner been further up the section, as when I weighed everybody in, we noticed that there was more roach further up the section, whereas me and Mick Denton couldn't buy a roach!

Peg 1 3lb 8oz
Peg 2 1lb
Peg 3 3lb 14oz 8 (a foul hooked 3lb bream)
Peg 4 empty
Peg 5 3lb
Peg 6 dnw
Peg 7 3lb
Peg 8 2lb 15oz
Peg 9 empty
Peg 10 dnw
Peg 11 2lb 5oz
Peg 12 2lb 7oz

Top 3
  1. 8lb Darren Cox
  2. 6lb 9oz Danny Ashington
  3. 5lb 9oz Scott Geens
All Starlets (fair play boys)

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