Sunday, 3 February 2013

Advised on Manor Farm Leisure.

Boundary Pool

Mark Malin using the Colmic Airon F55 Pole


Island Pool at Manor Farm Leisure is doimated by bomb through the really cold months. Don't get me wrong other methods will work, pole, waggler, maggot feeder and method, but for me the bomb has proved to out weigh the other methods in my opionion.

Boilie Kit

PVA Bags
Bombs/Leads 1/4oz to a whopping 3oz.
Ensure your gear is up to the job!  0.185mm Colmic X5000 line is the minimum hooklength that I will use with "Boilie rigs"
Drennan Carp Feeder 16 or 14
Ringers boilies
Old hooks used as "pins" and would suggest super glue the end
Colmic hook wallets a good way to go to store your hook lengths.



Some of the fish are big (8lb - 15lb)

Mark Malin has had some great sucess on the complex on bread.  Using 10mm pieces.
See Manor Farm Leisures Link

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