Saturday, 23 February 2013

Grand Union Canal - Milton Keynes

  • Peg 22
  • 7oz (mainly small fish)
  • No good
  • 3rd time unlucky.
  • 46 fished
Grand Union Canal at Milton Keynes - "Deans Road"
Deans Road again and I drew next to my team mates, Matt and Micky, at least I had someone to talk to.  I wasn't looking forward to this and felt we were at the wrong end of the section, as the fish were going to be further up in the town, where it would be slightly warmer.  Sure enough I found myself praying to catch a lob worm perch, which resulted in one tiny perch, not sure who caught who?  As the lobworm was bigger than the perch. I had told all my team mates that  Micky had a 2lb perch and weighed in 1lb 8oz (along with his other 6 tiny fish) "lol". 

I had been up here three times now and beginning to worry about the Angling Trust Semi Final now, as I haven't really caught anything, therefore had learnt very little.

We had two 24 pegs........................
Top 4
  1. 5lb 5oz ........ not sure of the name
  2. Shaun Barrett 3lb 6oz 8
  3. Martin Phipps
     3.  Danny Ashington 2lb 3oz

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