Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tunnel Barn

Maver Match This

  • Peg 28 Ext
  • 47lb 12oz
  • No good, I think about 70lb would of won the lake.
  • 97 anglers fished
Found tunnel a tough cookie, and would like to crack it...... a great venue 

After spending two practice sessions I have learnt a little and has been an eye opener on the wide range of methods that do work at the moment.  You have the bread man Paul Newell and Andy Jackson who have their fair share of success to say the least and they do deserve credit in prefect this method.  At the same time, my team mate Kevin Fowell who does well on casters and Pete Rice catching well on maggot.  Then finally Pete Caton and Stu Palser who have been catching on worms.  So this shows that an awful a lot of different methods work, so will ensure that I will fish my own match,  so worms and peat for me and paste short.

The Open matches have had good turn outs and has attracted good strong field of anglers and the ones that I have mentioned above and no doubts ones that I haven’t mentioned (sorry).  This always makes it challenge to take on the venue experts, as the same as any venue.  I have struggled with Tunnel Barn Farm, as it doesn’t suit my style of fishing and I do need to adapt more and need to rotate lines and defiantly feed less bait!!   One thing that I have learnt on carp fishing is that you don’t always have to prime a line, if anything this is a negative impact, which has been against everything I have spent on a river or canal bank.  As canal fishing you may have to build a swim up for 4 hours before going on it.  Don’t get me wrong I fished two matches last year, drew canal 3 (good area) and was 2nd in the Fish O which was over 100 anglers, however drew on New 16 and blew out.  However this year is was 3 – 0 to the fish!

Gareth Malham(Malham Floats)
31 (Top)
Paul Newell (Kingsmill Redditch)
8 (Top)
Warren Martin (Matrix)
24 (Club)
Jason Brown (Maver Gold)
9 (Club)
Lee Wright (Matrix / Dynamite Baits / Trentman)
20 (Club)
Chris Weeder Jnr (Leigh Tackle & Bait)
22 (Club)
Kerry Kirkwood (St. Helens Angling)
14 (Club)
Ronnie Biggs (OHMS)
19 (Club)

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