Sunday, 5 August 2012

Alders Farm

  • Peg 6
  • 183lb 5oz
  • 42 people fished
  • 21 Pairs
  • Section win
  • 2nd overall
  • 5th on pairs, lost out on count back of weight.

Alders farm is great venue and is full of fish, in all the lakes.  Today there is a pairs match so me and Jon Walker were the partners in crime.  We decided that I would fish match lake and Jon would go to the silver lake.  To be honest, Jon is fair better angler than me up in the water and this lake requires a little more finesse, whereas the match lake is normally aggressive lake, as in catching lots of fish and being ultra positive, which suits me down to the ground.   

My approach was on the match lake was:

1.       Casters and corn down the edge.  With 0.3 and 0.4 float in 10 - 14 inches of water, may seem very heavy, but it gives the stability and gives proper bites when you keep a tight line.

2.       Feed meat at 5 meters and maybe shorter if the venue turns into a bagfest, and hopefully fish meat over the top, however rudd are a BIG problem, which they were, then paste over the top.  Why not fish pellets and paste?  Well, in my limited experience on the venue, pellets can problems with hitting bites and bringing smaller fish.  It worked well on the day....

3.       Method feeder at 5m or further out

4.       If I drew dam wall, I would fish up in the water because of the depth.

Top  6

1.       Del Smith                             198lb 10oz           Herts

2.       Chris Telling                        183lb 5oz             Glos

3.       Simon Edwards                 170lb 7oz             Herts

4.       Phil Dobson                        165lb 4oz             Yorks

5.       Josh Blanins                        153lb 12oz           Middlesex

6.       Rolly                                      153LB                    Herts

Top 5 Pairs

1.       Phil Dobson and Andy Stone 13 points

2.       Colin Spencer and Karl Williams 12 points

3.       Ronan Ryran and Alan Oaks 11 points

4.       Dell Smith and Richard Brain 11 points

5.       Chris Telling and Jon Walker 11 points

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