Saturday, 18 August 2012

Rolfs Lake

  • Peg 6
  • 79lb
  • 4th Overall
  • 16 people fished

The Colmic Airon F44 passed the Rolf's test
1stMatt Edwards4134-03Miracle Baits
3rdPaul Jay885-06Rolfslake
4thChris Telling679-14Colmic / Vespe
5thGeoff Edwards2675-04Reading Angling Center
6thWez Hillier3870-09Rolfslake
7thNick Williams3063-04Miracle Baits
8thPaul Corsini959-13Rolfslake
9thMicheal Corsini1446-03Rolfslake
10thJon Walker3442-05Walker Floats
11thJohn Bennett1636-00Rolfslake
12thMick Chappell3930-04Rolfslake
14thMalc Doyle12-00Jinx League
15thDai Thomas32DNWJinx League
16thDave Whiteman7DNWHydro 200

Well done Matt who wasted me off the next peg!

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