Thursday, 12 July 2012

Solhampton Fishery

15th July Duck (sunday evening match)
  • 182lb 8oz
  • 1st place
  • Peg 6
Was very pleased to draw peg 6 as without any question it is a very good peg and does win a lot of matches, so when I drew it I did get some stick over it (understandable). Was going to keep it very simple, pellets, corn and casters. Was going to fish 3.5 meters in front of me, on the slop and to my left hand margin which was two meters away and that was it.
I started a little slow on the top kit and within 15 minutes fish were coming down the edge and therefore after catching two small "stockies" I decided to go down the edge which was a good move but was catching small carp down the edge and was spooking big fish as I hooked these keen hungry 2lbers and therefore got off my box and put a paste pot on and fished a big piece of paste (walnut size) and this increased my stamp of fish and only caught odd small carp.
I had an enjoyable night and caught some nice fish. Looking forward to next Sunday’s evening match.

Karl is the man to beat.  He was 4th tonight, which is unlike him as he had won the last three matches!

Keeps it simple.  Top kit fishing

There is so "lumps" in Solhampton

Large head of Rudd in valley, 52lb of them.

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