Saturday, 21 July 2012

Alders Farm

  • Peg 3
  • 186lb 7oz
  • 17 people fished the match.
  • 2nd Overall
  • Well done to Dell who whopped my ass again off the next peg!
Dell winning another match at Alders Farm

Part of Steve Edwards catch.

Jon Walker catching some munters again.............


The biggest issue with Alders farm is the distance from my house to the venue, if it wasn’t 90 miles away I would be there every week!  The surroundings of the venue is very scenic and there are three main lakes to choice from, with a couple of pools which are also rammed full of fish.  The match lake (the pump house) has 38 pegs and the match weights are huge.  Now 300lb plus weights maybe not everybody’s cup of tea, but after a bad week at the office I do find it very appealing, as at the end of the day we go fishing to carp fish and I really do believe that you shouldn’t fail in that department. 

The Specimen lake (pine lake) is a little bit special, I haven’t fished any matches on the lake, but have pleasured fished after a couple of matches and there are so BIG carp, Nicky Dean has had them to 28lb on the pole!  Me and my good friend Jon Walker have caught some big doubles, well Jon has had two twenties, whereas I have had 19lb, close by no cigar.  However this lake has big bream, as team mate Mick Denton has shown in the Angling press.  There is also good head of tench, rudd and loads of tiny carp with has been bread in there, shows how healthy the lakes really are. 

The top lake (silvers) is again full of carp, maybe not as many as the match lake, but still has impressive weights.  This lake as a few islands and a couple of “jungle pegs” so be warned that you need some gear to get these fighting fit creatures out!

If you need any advice then speak to Trevor Price, who is normally on site and is a very good angler and could not fail to help any kind of angler and will hopefully improve your day no end!  There is also a small tackle shop there with bait and bits also.

My Match

The most important thing is to get into a rhythm and keep putting fish into the net.  A lot of it is about catching short, 5m or even less and down the edge.  Pellets, meat, corn, maggots, caster all have their place.  As there is a lot of fish present and therefore would fish to your strengths, so it you like fishing paste, then would go down that route, especially in the summer.  The stamp of fish are 1lb to 3lb is about the average, down the edge you maybe able to line up 5lbers and this is where a big weight is on the cards.   I like to fish casters and corn, as sometimes the fish can feed funny on pellets and therefore could end up missing bites and foul hooking!  So casters and corn is a good bet for me, I know so anglers do well on maggots down the edge as well, but concerned about the volume of rudd, and therefore I would sooner fish casters and corn.
Drawing peg 3 is a good area, and therefore was pleased to draw it, but the match didn't go as expected and it was tough by Alders farm standards and have caught well in stages down the edge which was my saving grace, but I thought that I was miles behind Dell, didn't realise it was so close.

Top 6
  1. D. Smith                   189lb 5oz         GOT Baits
  2. C. Telling                 186lb 7oz         Colmic
  3. S. Edwards               168lb 4oz         GOT Baits
  4. C. Forsdick               150lb 3oz         Garbolino Appollo
  5. J. Walker                  131lb 3oz         Walker Floats
  6. M. Grant                   122lb 13oz       Tubertini/ Bag up Baits
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