Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Rolfs Lake

  • Peg 8
  • 291 lb
  • 1st place
  • 16 anglers fished

Was very pleased to draw peg 8,  however as always the pressure is on as everyone expects you to win off this peg.  This is my chance to try and do my 400lb in five hours, but this could be a difficult day as we have had so much rain over the last few days.  Also the weather has been unsettled and therefore these big fish can switch off, as any sudden pressure change could switch the carp off.  So bearing this in mind I will feed casters, with tiny amount of corn (1 tin limit) and feed pellets in the last hour when they switch on.......... also fed pellets at 6 meters in open water from the start.

Feeding casters will help me catch chub, as peg 8 has a good head of chub infront of it and also will catch some bream.  Phil Powell, venue expert, advised me that there are good head of silvers and possible to do 40lb of them off the peg and maybe even more.  The big bream shoal tend to be in the big lake at Rolf's lake, so doing a big bag of silvers is unlikely. 

I had a great day's fishing caught Carp up to 17lb, Chub up to 4lb and a couple of Bream up to 3lb.   I fished long all match, 14.5 meters.  I used 0.2 Colmic Carp 1 float straight through to 0.20mm Colmic Stream 16 Drennan Carp Feeder all match to Double 14 solid Vespe Elastic.  I looked around the lake and saw most people were stuggling a little and also bringing fish over my 6 meter line without spooking anything I decided to stay long and picked off fish most of the match.

Not all the carp are massive..... honest

The fish do fight hard, so ensure your gear is up to it

8lb common's seem never to give up.

1Chris Telling8291-0
2Jon Walker9162-4
3Paul Jay6162-0
4Pete Arnold7144-0
5Phil Powell26136-0
6Ashley Blunt2131-8
7John Bennett28102-8
8Dave Wightman1668-4

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