Sunday, 13 May 2012

Solhampton Festival

Solhampton fishery is a very scenic fishery and it has some great fishing to offer.  However, some of the pools weren’t fishing to their full potential, and I blame the weather for this.  As the fish don’t know if their coming or going.  The fish wanted to spawn and therefore you could see pairs and three’s of fish swimming around.  No doubt this was going to be tough and with five days of fishing, was going to see the weights drop off.   So with this in mind, you wanted to drew the tougher lakes at the beginning of the week, like Duck and Dragonfly.

So I was lucky to get Dragonfly first, but not impressed why I had drawn.  Despite Kev and others trying to immediate me by friendly banter that it is a flyer......  I knew that I would be up against “cluster bowl” and peg 8 and with Pete Rice in the corner on peg 3, who is a class angler and has the wind blowing into his corner.  I could see this slipping away from me.  Also there is a prize for the highest match weight, and this normally always goes the first day, as it’s an evening match, whereas the other matches are day matches and we all know that fish feed better in the evening. 

The match turned out to be very difficult and foul hooked a carp straight away after me feeding 30 4mm fishery pellets and then struggled.  Looking around, Burgress was catching, Kev was moaning, Pete Rice baggin.  So went down the edge on caster and I caught 5 ide really quickly and then died, and when I say died, it was dead!  Despite all my efforts it didn’t come back.   To be honest things went badly for the rest of the week and there was no coming back after day two on Buzzard, the fish followed the wind and I was at the top of the lake, the top 4 were all in a line the other end.  I was game over for me.   Never mind always next year!

Day One
  • 29lb
  • Peg 20 on Dragonfly
  • 10 points out of 11!
  • Festival already over!
Day Two
  • 34lb
  • Peg 4 on Buzzard
  • 8 points out of 11
  • Looking for a strong tree and rope
Day Three
  • 32lb
  • Peg 20 on Duck
  • 10 points
  • Tried for the last hour to catch the biggest fish, which resulted in one lost foul hooker
Day Four
  • 66lb
  • Peg 22 on Kingfisher
  • 5 points
  • Got battered by Carl Jones (91lb) off next peg
Day Five
  • 76lb
  • Peg 27 Valley
  • 6 points
  • 40lb of rudd