Sunday, 27 May 2012

MFS - Rolfs Lake

  • Peg 6
  • 109lb total
  • 4 carp for 46lb
  • 8 carp for 42lb
  • 3 skimmers 11lb 12oz
Today's winner off peg 13, 170lb!

Rolfs always excites me when I go fishing there, as when that float goes under there is always that excitement  that it could be my first 20lb carp from rolfs, which I still haven’t done on this lake.  Ive had 19lb 12oz common, which was a beast of a fish, so with 27lb carp swimming around you need to watch out.

With the hot weather, the fish have been crazy with spawning and therefore have other things are there mind and therefore fishing could be very difficult.  Looking at the results the weights are down from normal, and I was advised by Simon that it fished difficult yesterday.  On arrival there was fish everywhere and all over the lake, and this was a bit of worry however there were fish blowing which is a good sign that the fish are going to feed or hopefully.   I turned up late and was told that I was on peg 6, which is ok not a flyer but like all the pegs it is capable of throwing up weights.  Like any venue there are better areas than others, but the beauty of Rolfs all the pegs on their day are all capable of winning.  I was also told that Steve Walters only had one carp on te day before and packed up early.  Also with the little wind we had, it was blowing up the lake towards pegs 18 and 22.

One of the problems with Rolfs the fish are big and a lot wiser than me and probably you and this does make it difficult to catch them.  When I first went there the fish responded well to been ultra positive, which suitable my aggressive style of fishing, however, know the fish can back off the feed now. My experience has told me, it you lucky enough to draw a flyer, end peg where there is a lot of fish present then you need to feed and potentially could feed like the old days, however most normal pegs you fish a different match as your looking to catch one fish at a time.  I used to fish paste and more paste, but this is could be too positive for our day matches and I do believe the fish will back off as they seen large piles of bait.  I did mix some up, just wetted down so of John Bennett’s pellets and then pushed them through a maggot riddle and added more water until the texture is like a putty.   I would only fish this is I had lots of blows and which would mean I have feeding fish in the peg and it’s easier for the carp to pick out this bait.  Large baits do work at Rolfs, meat (hook bait only) and large 11mm pellets that John Sells.  Please ask John Bennett on baits and how to approach your peg, his is a mindful of information and this tell you what you need to know.  I 2 minute chat could transform your days fishing.

Simple fishing, two pellet rigs Colmic 0.3 and 0.5 Carp 1’s and Jon Walkers hand made paste float, 0.3 gram.   That was it, did have a margin line, but didn’t expected to catch on it and therefore feed a lot of bait in the grass, so I would see if there was any fish present without wasting valuable time.   My target weight was 100lb, and this would be between 8 – 12 fish.  So was only looking for 2 bites an hour, that’s the mind set.  So no need to panic if things don’t go to plan, as you can do 100lb in the last hour and even more at times!

Simon was catching me up quickly in the last 30 minutes on Peg 34

I decided to feed one line positive towards peg 4, and kinder pot bait infront of me and see how the fish respond to the two styles of feeding, and it was noticeable that the fish came straight away to the bait, as had some blows and I foul hooked fish that came off within five seconds.  So decided to try paste and like a light switch I had an angry 6lb common, and I forgot how hard these carp fight.  So be warned, ensure your gear is up to required standard otherwise you maybe in tears at the end of the day.  Now the fish were coming to the bait, and blowing, not crazy but enough for me to realise there was a least couple of fish in the swim.  However, the float just sat there, looking around the lake, peg 4 was catching and Simon on peg 34, Phil Powell, hadn’t had a fish.  So after an hour only one fish, it wasn’t looking great and I could now be waiting til the last hour to catch now.  So decided to start a new line and feed 10 pellets and wait and the this was a good move as I began to catch, slow but positive.  Even Phil came round to ask me what I was doing and sure enough he went back and started to catch, I even shouted out “ you better not beat me now Dawg”.  To cut a long story short, be beat me by a 1lb.  I long 3 carp in the last 20 mins, which I believe were all foul hooked as I got one 8lb in the tail.  I should of started a new swim I think, as maybe there was too much feed bait or/and should fished a bigger heavier bait, like 10mm meat or John “coker” pellets.  But I didn’t and fishing 8mm expander was maybe the wrong bait?   I do believe you have to change the way you fish Rolfs through that session, for example start positive to catch the hungry fish or silly ones and then go negative on a new line and then end positive.  Unless you draw the great pegs.  I can’t wait to go there again and try some of these things out and hopefully catch a couple of important fish that can and do make all the difference as I should of won my section instead of coming away with nothing!!!!

Phil Powell beat me by 1lb!  After coming round for a tip and then done it better than me!

Colmic Carp Range

Very strong, very impressed

The only lines I use

Another bright day

Phil Powell's hand made floats that whopped my ass!

1. mick lane 170-12-0.
2. munterhunter. 122-0-0.
3. dawg. 110-12.
4. chris telling 109-0-0
5. nick d 102-4-0.
6. simple 96-12-0
7. rolio 74-4-0.
8. shuar 74-0-0
9. carlostam 65-4-0.
10. pete g 63-8-0.
11. onefeed 59-4-0
12. simonsdad 59-0-0.
13 tony d 55-4-0.
14 jwb 55-0-0
15 lee jan 53-12-0
16 iansi 52-0-0
17 george t 43-0-0
18 herbie 32-0-0
19. kenfish 10-0-0.

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