Saturday, 5 May 2012

Larford Lakes - Fish O Mania

  • Peg 32 - Specimen Lake
  • 11kg 920 grams
  • Won my ten peg section
  • 6 small skimmers and about 80 roach

My heart sunk when I drew Peg 32 on the Specimen lake at Larford, this normally is a poor area of the lake, and I’m not entirely sure why.  Maybe because it is much shallower, only 8 foot on the pole line at 14.5 meters, whereas the rest of the lake is much deeper.  With the weather been up and down like a “yo yo”, this was going to be a difficult day.  I did have the wind blowing in this direction which could be a saving grace, maybe.  I feel that the chances of me qualifying for Fish O Mania is very slim. 

I rang up Brian Clarke who fishes Larford a lot more than me and has a good success rate on the Specimen lake, so I was lucky to be able to speak to him.  However, he’s response when I drew was no surprise, and I won’t repeat what he said as it may offend you.  He said you never know and fish the method at distance and then pray for ten bites in the last hour at 6 meters.  I was very unlikely to get back into the final from this peg.
Spent 2 hours of the match trying to catch carp, which didn't happen, in fact never had a bite on the method feeder. Left the method feeder in the lake for 30 mins, and "bottled it" and decided to fish for silvers on caster to have an enjoyable day which did paid off as i won the section. However, I gave myself no chance of winning the match though, but to be honest as soon as I drew, I felt I had no chance of doing any good from this area.

Well done to Stu Ballard for winning the match!
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