Sunday, 8 April 2012

Rolfs - Day Two

  • 57lb (7 carp for 55lb and 2lb of roach and small skimmers)
  • 2nd section
  • 3rd overall, as Mark Mailin and Mick Lane are all beating me on weight
Hooked 9, and lost my only foul hooker on the carp gear and played a carp for an age on the roach gear!  That has cost me a VERY important section win,

2nd overall at the moment

Mick Lane, in form as always and winning at the moment.

3Mick Lane
3Mark Malin
3Chris Telling
4Jeff Edwards
6Dave Wightman
6Phil Powell
7Matt Smith
7Curtis Tranter
7Ernie Malyon
7Dai Thomas
7Steve Waters
8Jonny Broadbent
9Joff Rogers
9Michael Corsini
9Andy Johnstone
10Andy Quarmby
11Pat Pritchard
12John Draper
13Paul Newbury
14Jon Walker
14Mick Hughes
15Clive Pritchard
15Wez Hillier
16Mick Chappell

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