Thursday, 19 April 2012

Middle Pool - 18/04/12

  • Peg 4
  • 109lb
  • 1st place
  • 3 small carp, 2 bream, 5 tench and the rest F1's
  • 6 people fished

A venue without doubt is in form, the weights have been consistent for the last few weeks.  Also one of the pro’s of the venue you can win off a lot of pegs especially in the summer, don’t get me wrong there are still the flyers and the fish can follow the wind, as they do on a any venue, but there is a high percentage whereby you can win off.

The last three matches that I have fished at manor I have been lucky enough to win, and was hoping to make this number four.   Middle pool, is one of my favourite pools and it has a large head of carp and F1’s. 

I was looking to catch on worms at 13 meters on 0.18mm to 0.148mm 14 hook (501) and 0.5 Colmic Carp1’s.  This is a heavier than normal set up, as there is a large head of carp and don’t want to take any chances losing an important fish.  Also with worms, you lay a little bit of line on the deck to camouflage the line anyway.  The beauty of worms that the bites are much easier to hit, bait is more durable against tiny fish, but it’s more expensive.  Worms and casters tend to be a great spring bait for some reason, but I’ve found them not too good in really cold water or sometimes are the height of the summer  they aren’t effective enough, as there sometimes isn’t enough food content.  However, there are a few little tricks you can/could use:


A cheap bulk bait, I get mine from Lidl and would cut it up too.


4mm cudes can be great bait to add, especially when it’s warmer.  I buy my tins of meat from the pound shop.

Coarse Pellet

2mm and or 4mm’s is good way of adding food content.

Salmon Fry/crumb

A great bait and one of my favourite ones, like using this.

I was pleased to win the match, but very close between the top 3.

Manor farm match results

Colmic's float list,

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