Saturday, 24 March 2012

Manor Farm - Windmill

  • Peg 7
  • 176lb 8oz
  • 130 F1's (from 4oz to 2lb), 13 Carp, a tench and a chub
  • 13 and 14 meters to the island
  • 3 pints of 4mm pellet and a tin of corn
  • 6mm exander on the hook

I was pleased with the draw, but to be fair peg 22 and peg 15 were also great pegs too and they were end pegs as well!  Also with Shaun Little on peg 15 I was up against it, as his track record on the venue has been very good.

Windmill is a lot clearer than I expected, and I was concerned that I would have to find at least two feet of water against the island.  After careful pluming around a found to spots, one at 13 meters at a 30 degree angle and another at 45 dgrees to the left, which was a little ticky, but this is where I would rotate.  I also had a back up plan(s), margin to my right and 5 and 13 meter lines in the main lake which was 5 foot.

Bait was simply 3 pints of soaked pellet and a tin of corn, which I ended up mixing together to speed up the process of "kindering" bait in.  I didn't even fish the open water, as the island swims were very productive.

I fished 0.125 Colmic Stream line straight through to a Colmic 0.2 Carp 5 float with size 14 501 hook and yellow vespe bi core elastic.  Simple.

Colmic Link

Match Results – Saturday 24th March – Windmill Lake

Vespe Peg 7
Map Marykyu Peg 15
Maver Tipton Peg 13
4TH SAM ROUND 79-12-0
Alvechurch Fisheries Peg 29

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