Saturday, 3 March 2012


  • 40lb 8oz
  • Peg 37
  • 4th overall
  • 2nd in section

Only 2 proper carp for about 9lb.
The rest was skimmers and F1's a enjoyable day, but still not enough and got wasted off the next peg

Match Results – Saturday 3rd March – Boundary Pool

1ST PHIL BENDALL                  47-0-0
Tubertini/DGL Peg 18
2ND AIDEN MANSFIELD            42-8-0
Maver Tipton Peg 36
3RD STEVE FORD              41-10-0
Daiwa Peg 19
4TH CHRIS TELLING                    40-8-0
Vespe Peg 37

At least a scored a couple of county points......

You can see the scores by the link below

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