Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bristol Avon - Barnfiled at Bradford on Avon

  • Permant Peg 21
  • 4lb something
  • No good

  1. Full of "duck" weed.
  2. Full of weed on the bottom, it was solid until 7 meters
  3. Gin clear
  4. Loads of rowers
Almost lost it....
Lost my first big fish to a rower that went straight through it
My second one broke me on my savage chop rig.
Third one was on 0.06 maggot rig, played it for a good few minutes and it finally broke me.

Rock hard, couldn't catch roach of any size, and when I did I had a "Jack Pike" took them!

Playing another pike............ taking perch is a bad sign.  This one was about 8lb which I beat and got on top, but let go of the perch.  Didn't see that beast again 

Netting almost everything

A disappointing 4lb.  Missing a few big fish.  If I ever fished it again, I would use 0.22 hooklengh to Vespe 3.2mm elastic.  Trouble is I wouldn't get a bite.....
Well done to Mark Kimber winning the match with 11lb.

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