Sunday, 30 October 2011

Angling Trust Winter League Round 3

Section Location
A1Mosella Lobby'sMartin Hook33.02Farmers
A2Diawa Gordon LeagueAndy Pollard182.07
A3Devizes MGJames Carty50.05
A4Cotswold AnglingChris Rust110.01
A5Garbolino BMVWill Bonnie73.06
A6Colmic TailismanGlyn Loveday40.04
A7Browning AndoverNic McCartney311.53
B2Diawa Gordon LeagueMark Kimber412.54Farmers
B3Devizes MGRobbie Kepner314.02
B4Cotswold AnglingGary Davis00.00
B5Garbolino BMVRichard Chave69.05
B6Colmic TailismanKeith Daniels44.03
B7Browning AndoverJohn Dewbury615.56
B1Mosella Lobby'sSean Bryan114.07
C3Devizes MGKevin Rowles293.57Farmers
C4Cotswold AnglingGraham Cherry05.01
C5Garbolino BMVSteve Nadin42.03
C6Colmic TailismanAndy Burns1010.05
C7Browning AndoverBen Bentley41.52
C1Mosella Lobby'sAndy Richins43.54
C2Diawa Gordon LeagueMartin Howard1714.06
D4Cotswold AnglingDave Parminter81.06Brimslade
D5Garbolino BMVRichie Tomola93.07
D6Colmic TailismanVince Grillo47.04
D7Browning AndoverDave George56.05
D1Mosella Lobby'sAndy Price37.03
D2Diawa Gordon LeagueMartin Price26.01
D3Devizes MGAdam Carter30.02
E4Cotswold AnglingEamonn Byrne25.02
E5Garbolino BMVKev Abigale19.01
E6Colmic TailismanAlan Brown40.04
E7Browning AndoverDave Tucker41.05
E1Mosella Lobby'sDerek Jarman411.06
E2Diawa Gordon LeagueChris Telling63.07
E3Devizes MGAdrian McTiffin213.03
F5Garbolino BMVSteve Long48.07Brimslade
F6Colmic TailismanJohn Bohane312.06
F7Browning AndoverLes Thirlaway012.51
F1Mosella Lobby'sAndy Powell312.06
F2Diawa Gordon LeagueMark Treasure210.04
F3Devizes MGPaul Andrews23.02
F4Cotswold AnglingBrian Webb23.53
G5Garbolino BMVJamie Cox26.04
G6Colmic TailismanPete Townsend33.05
G7Browning AndoverGerry Blunt15.02
G1Mosella Lobby'sCharlie Valender12.01
G2Diawa Gordon LeagueMark Gaylard26.04
G3Devizes MGNigel Baker514.06
G4Cotswold AnglingJoe Thompson112.07
H6Colmic TailismanMick Nowicki69.07Lhs Wolfhall Bridge
H7Browning AndoverSteve Musitano54.04
H1Mosella Lobby'sAndy Jayne45.03
H2Diawa Gordon LeaguePhil Stone59.05
H3Devizes MGDave Clapton215.52
H4Cotswold AnglingGerry Cambridge28.01
H5Garbolino BMVMichael Berntsen511.06
J7Browning AndoverIan Ross313.02Rhs Wolfhall Bridge
J1Mosella Lobby'sJohn Tocknell58.04
J2Diawa Gordon LeagueRich Hoskins44.03
J3Devizes MGNigel Franks71.07
J4Cotswold AnglingFred Parker24.01
J5Garbolino BMVGary Etheridge68.56
J6Colmic TailismanDave Johnson66.05
K7Browning AndoverStu Dabbs54.03
K1Mosella Lobby'sGary Townsend610.06
K2Diawa Gordon LeagueMark Saunders512.05
K3Devizes MGGary Williamson59.04
K4Cotswold AnglingLiam Barry312.02
K5Garbolino BMVRob Randell1111.07
K6Colmic TailismanPete Collins39.01

  • 6lb 3oz
  • Section Win
  • Caught all my fish in the first hour
  • Brimslade

A few early perch with two skimmers was my life saver.

U.T.A.T. Team ChampionsIndividual Placings
NameTeamRnd 1 PtsRnd 2 PtsRnd 3 PtsRnd 4 PtsRnd 5 PtsRnd 6 PtsTotal PointsAvelboz
Gary EtheridgeGarbolino BMV776206.67276.5
Steve LongGarbolino BMV577196.33284
Phil StoneDiawa Gordon League675186.002010.5
Chris TellingDiawa Gordon League747186.001814
Dave GeorgeBrowning Andover755175.67240
Mark GaylardDiawa Gordon League764175.67198
Adrian McTiffinDevizes MG763165.33307
Richard ChaveGarbolino BMV475165.332310.5
Mick NowickiColmic Tailisman547165.331814
Gary WilliamsonDevizes MG664165.331811
Michael BerntsenGarbolino BMV556165.33119
John TocknellMosella Lobby's654155.003111
Mark KimberDiawa Gordon League744155.002615
Rob RandellGarbolino BMV627155.002414
Andy PowellMosella Lobby's636155.00125
Andy PollardDiawa Gordon League77147.002315
Kevin RowlesDevizes MG527144.67386.5
Rich HoskinsDiawa Gordon League743144.67204

Garbolino BMV211   41
Diawa Gordon League122   52
Devizes MG335   113
Mosella Lobby's454   134
Browning Andover546   155
Colmic Tailisman663   155
Cotswold Angling777   217

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