Sunday, 8 May 2011

MFS at Todber Manor 08/05/11

  • Peg 14
  • 95lb
  • 4th in my section
After a poor day yesterday at Woodlands view in the maver match this (weighing 29lb on Back Deans 44).  I was looking forward to this match, as I have heard so many good reports on the place.  I have been informed that meat is a good bait and there is a large head of F1's, but a little on the small size, and lots of carp and the width was up to 16 meters.  But my main concern was the strength of wind, as it was so strong that presentation was going to suffer.  So I took couple of feeder rods, as a backup plan.
I drew peg 14, and Jon Walker told me it was a “flyer”, still not sure if it is?  I think they all are.....  When I arrived to my peg, it was 14.5 meters with two against the far bank, but the wind was so  strong I was worried about braking my pole, so put up three pole rollers!  Also my rigs had long line, three foot so that I wouldn’t drag my float around in the wind.  However, placing the rig against the sedges and hitting bites was going to be difficult.  So I set up a method feeder.
The match
The wind was so immense, that the long pole was a no go as I struggled to cup in a pot of 6mm coarse pellet at 14 meters.  So cupped some meat down the edges, at 5 meters either side and a pot of 4mm pellet at four meters.
Started on the 4 meter line with 0.5 gram Jon Walker Diamond in 4 foot of water, with a pea size of paste, which didn’t last as it got wasted away from the roach, so a walnut size went on and result in a small 8oz F1.  Hmmmm, so 6mm pellet, and the resulted in three roach and my first ever golden tench.  But I felt I was going nowhere fast,  therefore the method feeder came out, and first cast (well about fourth, as I bounced off the bank twice and in the sedges on the third) the tip went flying round.   I had a frustrating day, as casting a method 14 meters in a two yard gap should be easy, but when it needs to inches from the far bank in order to get it a bite with gale force winds, it was a challenge. 
The first couple hours was good on the method, but these carp didn’t last long and I only caught in stages and despite feeding three other lines (two margin and 4 meters) I struggled to keep on putting fish in the net.
In reflection I should of had two method lines, one in front and another down the peg.  Also method on the pole maybe would have been such a better option, as could swing it in place, but the wind made it difficult to fish 5 meters, yet along 14 meters.
I can’t wait for the next match in a months time.  Thanks to Mark for running the match.

Jon Atkins

Jon Walker on his my to section 3rd, with 115lb

Liam with 104lb, section 4th

Tim's section winning catch on peg 15 with 134lb (gave me a battering)

"Bagger" 133lb, section 2nd, unlucky not to win his section.

Weighing in..... knowing that should of done better

A disppointing 95lb, too many slow periods.   Should of fished the method on the pole, which is something I have never done before.  Also should of fished two method swims across, I think this would of overcome the slow spells!?

Here is some pictures of today's event.  If you want me to send you a copy of your picture, then please email me:

1 Nickythebricky 27-08 6 1
3 Jon Walker 118-02 3 6
5 Liam Braddell 104-02 4 4
7 Withybagger 133-09 2 8
9 Duffman 77-04 5 2
10 Jonny Atkins 71-00 n/a n/a
13 Clucker 134-04 1 10
14 Chris Telling 95-14 4 4
16 Roly 123-06 3 6
17 Justin Case 57-04 6 1
19 Rob R 78-14 n/a n/a
21 Slider 151-10 1 12
23 Munter 137-12 2 8
25 Clive 66-04 5 2
26 Magnetic Pauli 17-00 7 0
28 Dawg 144-09 2 8
29 Will Bohne 172-01 n/a n/a
31 Steve Martin DNW 8 0
32 Ken Rayner 63-00 5 2
34 Dave Brittian DNW 8 0
35 Mark Brennan 151-06 1 10
37 Mick Lane 129-15 3 6
38 Lee Jan 109-15 4 4

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