Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Barston Lakes

UK Champs
  • Peg 42
  • 24lb
  • 3rd Section
  • Got caught out

4 rods..... positive

1 1/4 hour later the pole was kitted up, but I ruined my peg in the first 2 minutes!!
Barston fished immensely hard, never caught anything at 60 yards which I fished for the first hour.  The guys either side caught on the pole, especially the guy on peg 44 (weighed 50lb, fair play) and the other side weighed 28lb.  So my 7 fish for 24lb was very disappointing, and to make matter worse I bumped two bream on the pole and lost a carp, so I had was chance to qualify, as either side did!!!!!!

Having a bad time with this fishing lark

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