Monday, 29 November 2010

Thoughts of 2010

2010 was a tough year, didn't qualify for fish o maina, should of as I was so close at Larford Lakes, but close isn’t good enough, as you must win the event to qualify. I will apply for all sixteen tickets next year to give me a better chance of qualify.  I would love to get back on that final, so fingers and toes crossed!

Also I have another two major events that I would like to qualify for is Phil Briscoe's £100K and UK champs.   I have bought 4 tickets for the Maver event, that cost me a whopping £200!  So more travelling this summer.   Then comes UK champs which is run by Nigel Harry, which is a fanatic bloke and awesome matches!  I will try and qualify for that, as I didn't finish in the top 40 this year to secure my place, I think I may even get the wooden spoon as I done so badly!!

I would like also to get through the county champs final.  I missed out last year at Hillview, a venue that I don't seem to connect with and I dare say the next fish off will be there, so better put some time and effort in next year.

I will hopefully fish Boddingtons a lot more next year, as I fished a MFS (Match Fishing Scene) match and I had 260lb and only came third!  What a venue, and this was with every peg in, so if I drawed an end peg or fished the Tuesday open matches were it's every other peg I hate to think what the venue is capable of!  I would like to beat the world record, which I believe it's still 489 in five hours.  The issue is that you need 20 anglers and to catch that amount of fish!!  I haven't even broke the 400lb barrier!!  Viaduct seems to be throwing some huge weights, so may even consider going there next year. 

Finally it would be nice to fish the angling times semi finals, which all rests on this weekend.  The team does have a huge uphill struggle, as we are 3 points behind and only one more match left.  However, the match may still get cancelled due to bad weather!
UK champs
Fish O mania
Video through Match Fishing for the Maver Match This