Sunday, 7 November 2010

North Wessex Winter League 07/11/10

Finally caught some fish.

  • 13lb 5oz (all roach, apart from a 4oz skimmer)
  • Section Win and 3rd overall
  • Team won by a point.

C2 at Beeches again.....

After 6 matches on a very disppointing river, i was so excited about getting onto the canal.  I love fishing this canal, especially when is on (i.e. fishing well), but after wednesday's match my confidence has been hit

At the draw, I was praying to be in the competition pound, as this is my all time faviourite strecth of the canal.  I did do 24lb odd of squatt fish in a match here a few years ago (367 fish, will find out the date) and I was in the middle of section, no flyer!  There is a lot of fish here!!!   However, I was at beeches again, but once I arrived to the canal it was "sock on", it has colour and there were fish topping everywhere, and not just in my peg.....

I believe that when the canal is on (fishing well), then it is best to fish one line and let them have it.  Now my confidence was a little down, as I had a bad midweek match and I was going to prove to myself that I was capable of catching.  Howver, I wasn't going to leave anything to chance and therefore kitted a mountain of gear, 11 top kits!  I had only one chopworm rigs, which I didn't plan to fish, but would feed to my right, 11 meters down the peg, just in case there was any big billies in the area.  Then I would fish 6 meters in the deepest part of the canal, at a 45 degree angle to my left, so I wouldn't be lifting or playing fish ontop on my line when I fish 9 meters striaght out infront.  9 meters was going to be my line!!


So I kitted up 0.2 to 0.4gram (sensas 21 floats) , they ranged from shirt button, to bulk down.  This way I don't have to move any shot or adjust any rigs, I just pick up a top kit, so I can vary my presentation within the seconds.  Fishing can be race, and with 84 anglers fishing, a few ounces can make the differece to framing and not.
Bait and feeding

2 pints of White Squatts