Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Open Match


  • 6lb 7oz
  • Won my five peg section and was 3rd overall (only 10 fished)

Nice looking peg, but "gin clear"

I got there early to miss the traffic and help Gary Etheridge to peg the match.  On arrival to the venue, it was gin clear, not just clear but gin clear.  Oh gosh................

My team mate Nigel Crewe and Gary came.  So we decided to go for a walk up Beeches, and I said "there's a bream" to the two guys who thought was messing around..... then "look two carp" and a "third".  These were reasonable sized fish that didn't seem distressed that we were there!  Walking up the canal  it looked grim.  By the cables looked a little dark down the middle, so that was peg 6, then peg 5, 4 and 3 looked like they could catch, but peg 2 and 1 you could see all the way across.  I expressed my concerns and almost begged them not to peg it.  So they didn't.  I didn't want to drive 50 miles and catch nothing!

Well done Mark, 202 fish for 9lb 8oz.  A good win. (sorry about the photo, too dark and wet)

Next to my team mate "Woody".

(Will write a full report)