Friday, 4 May 2018

Heronbrook- Open Match

Peg 20 Canal
3rd on lake
No good
20 Anglers fished the match

Back to Heronbrook again today, hoping to be on the Match Lake, but unfortunately didn't draw it, however had an end peg on Canal, but I felt it wouldn't complete with early pegs on Canal and the Match Lake has been awesome, we fished it yesterday after the match, so really big fish in the lake.

My match started really slow, infact i never caught anything in the first 40 mintues, which was worrying.  The guy next to me had 2 F1's after 40 mintues.... it was bleak. 

I caught all my fish long to far bank with pellets and had 3 small F1's down the edge to the next pallet, hoped for a more productivity from that line.

I still love Heronbrook, I know its quite peggy, but hopefully my luck with change?!  Last year I fished 5 matches in 2017, won two, third overall, section win and second on the lake.  But yet this year, 2018, fished three matches and come last in all three!!

Still love Heronbrook.... 

Canal weights.  Didnt get board weights off the Match Lake.

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