Monday, 26 June 2017

Mick Telling Memorial Match

I didn't fish this weekend.  Saturday 24th had a day off, had a lie in, can't remember the last time I did....  Today's match at Marlborough was all about running my dads match and helping Liam Dennick, as hoping he would qualify for my dads final on the 6th August at Bourton on the Water.

The match saw 26 people fishing.  A bit down from last year, unfortunately a few clashes of matches again.  But none the less the match was fished in good spirits.  

Farmers was always going to be brilliant, but pegging it early morning saw loads of boats parked up, which made it a nightmare with pegging.  So pegs 1 and 2 were 150 yards away from peg 3.   The lillies was full of weed, so put it to the right, which was peg ten...  However, wasn't 100% who was coming, as had 31 names and needed to do sections.  So needed to be as fair as possible.  Not having a moan, but don't book into the match if you have no intention of fishing.  Most people gave me loads of notice, no problem.  As in reflection, I could of got 3 sections in Farmers.  Which would of made a better match.  Then only put 8 at Cottages.  I want you guys to enjoy the match.

We raised £386 for Cancer Research.

Special thanks to Colmic, Nigel Franks, Marlborough ADAA, Gary Barclay and John Williams 

Today's winner was Steve Partington, with 26lb

2nd overall Paul Giddings with 18lb 12oz

Matt Herebert 3rd overall with 15lb 7oz

Ian Kent

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