Thursday, 15 June 2017

Alvechurch Fishery

  • Peg 28
  • 127lb
  • 1st place
  • 9 fished
I really enjoy fishing Alvechurch Fishery, as when that float goes under it can be anything!  Ide, Barbel, Carp, bream, etc.  Today saw only 9 anglers fish, a lot of anglers are fishing the river tomorrow, open of the river season.   Normally the attendances are 12 to 15 anglers,  but hey, 9 on the lake, more room for us and even more flyers to be had.

I started on the pellet feeder tight to the island with fishery pellet and 6mm lasso pellet on 0.18 Colmic Spider Line.  You want a line that can take the abrasion from the island, as these fish to fight a bit. No room for fairy lines, otherwise your get broke.   Anyway, the tip flew round and had a 3lb stocky in the net and re chucked and it didn't move for ten minutes and then flow round, and had 7lber.  So in 15 meters, I've got 10lb.  Nice.  But that sometimes tend to be your "mug fish" so came onto the pole where I'd been pinging 4mm pellets, which resulted in no bites.  So feed my "worm paste" mix to my right and went back on the feeder.  Which resulted in a foul hooked 2lb carp .....

These wasn't looking too great, so went on my worm paste at 13 meters in open water and caught some skimmers..... It was slow but steady, and normally the peg gets stronger, which it did and I caught a mixture of skimmers and carp.  Weighed 62lb of skimmers and 65lb of carp, for another brilliant day.  To top it off I was on the "silver bonus peg" and won an additional pot of money.  

Gear Used

Colmic Airon F66 pole
2.1 Colmic Hollow Elastic
0.3 Jon Walker Diamond
0.168 Colmic Spider
0.145 Colmic Stream
16 Colmic WN501

Part of my 62lb of silvers bag

Colmic have an open day on the 1st July 2017 on Horseshoe Lake.  10am to 5pm.  Everyone welcome.  Come and see the lads fishing.  We will be focusing on the pole.