Saturday, 3 June 2017


Peg 25
second overall
14 fished

My second visit to Colmic Canal, and really looking forward to it.  Learnt a lot from last time, and took it on the chin that I got it wrong. I'm not one of these people that blame everything else other than myself.  Last time, I didn't feed enough pellets and was lazy.  Potting was better than pinging, and not been too lazy, miss bite off your initial pot/feed and come back and relax feed.  Also ide, need to be bigger stamp, and my feeding needed to be adjusted and the rigs.

Liam Dennick and Mark Malin informed me on their positive pellet approach.   Also Liam was stating that carp do feed well in first and last hour.  Then the middle part of the fishing match it could be worth fishing for silvers..... sounds a plan to me.

Colmic Kerrys are great durable and stable float, which is needed on this lake.  As your float wants to be small and heavy because of tow and sheer volume of fish in the peg.

part of my 88lb of silvers

Todays match weights from the Colmic Canal
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